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C4P Inc. x 2018 Spring Cottage Life Show     Did you miss us at the Spring Cottage Life Show this year? No worries, I got you covered! Well.. sorta. I’ve got a nice treat for you! 360° video for your viewing pleasure. Granted, there’s some artifacting, I need a better 360 camera! You can […]

This past weekend our team attended the Muskoka Boat and Cottage Show. We had the chance to speak to many people about their experiences of Solar Solutions and how they planned to live off-grid, as we know the hydro bills up in cottage country is getting ridiculous. Check out the team that attended the show, […]

With the grand re-opening of our blog behind us, I do believe introductions are in order. You may have already had the privilege of meeting our resident pun-generator, Ken, so all that is left is to introduce yours truly. My name is Chris and I am the second half of the magnificent duo and together […]

Meet the newest addition to the team!!  Now that the C4P smart car is on the road, our staff can travel to meet clients and customers in a more environmentally friendly way!

Dear Friends, C4P inc. is proud to announce the official launch of our brand new website for the new year! We are excited for our upcoming plans and we look forward to bringing you more innovative products and services. Please stay tuned for updates as we continue to build the content on this website. Happy […]