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This past weekend our team attended the Muskoka Boat and Cottage Show. We had the chance to speak to many people about their experiences of Solar Solutions and how they planned to live off-grid, as we know the hydro bills up in cottage country is getting ridiculous. Check out the team that attended the show, […]

  What are DC appliances, you ask? They are simply normal appliances (refrigerators and freezers) that run on DC power, which, of course, leads to the question: what is DC power? DC power has some complex technical definitions. For the purposes of solar, we’re just going to say that it is basically low-voltage electricity that […]

  So, what exactly is a solar refrigerator? That’s a good question friend! Why I’ve got an answer just for you. A solar refrigerator is… well… exactly what it sounds like. A solar fridge. Ta Da! Okay, fine, I’ll explain in greater detail about the differences between a solar refrigerator and your regular run-of-the-mill refrigerators. […]

It’s been a while since my last blog post. There won’t be anything particularly earth shattering and it will be quite brief. Just a quick update on some of the happenings around the solar world. It’s an exciting time, watching the world slowly transition into a sustainable way of living. It’s been decades in the […]

We are at the dawn of a new horizon. The history of aviation is filled with a staggering amount of innovators and explorers. They put their mind and body to the test in order produce one of mankind’s greatest crowning achievements, flight. It has brought with us a level of global connection that shaped the […]

With the Netherlands unveiling a stretch of solar road this past month, it gives us a glimpse of how far we have progressed towards paving our world with silicon; but why are we paving the floor with solar panels? This road is much more inefficient than its rooftop counterpart and that isn’t even accounting for […]

I try to stay away from things that are too political, because no one really wins from a political debate. Though since we’re on the topic of anti-dumping solar panels, and it pertains quite a bit to the solar community, I think there is a merit in its discussion. So, let’s discuss. Let’s look at […]

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