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Boooo~~~ Hallowe’en updates about possessed and the chance for Possessed Refrigerators and Freezers   Its spooky day today and we’re on the subject spooky possessed refrigerators. Some refrigerators and freezers get the shakes or rumbles. Sometimes, they’ll even DIE! Don’t worry, we’re here to exercise these problems and even possibly bring one back from the […]

A C4P PSA: Use only components rated for DC use in DC systems. Do NOT use components rated for AC use in DC systems! This DC power PSA is addressed to everyone wiring things for their off-grid, cottage, RV, Home, etc. Please use proper hardware for your installation. Some of your equipment cost hundreds and […]

Did You Get Your Mother’s Day Gift Yet?   FOSA is a one of a kind Food Vacuum Storage System. It’s also the best gift this Mother’s Day ! It’s easy to use and it helps prevent food waste. That in itself is amazing! It is literally operated by a simple push of a button. […]

Does my Solar Freezer do that?     Throughout history, when we break down the necessities to survive and thrive, we need shelter to shield us from the elements and food to sustain us. Since I’m not going to delve into the subject of shelters right now (maybe another time), let’s look at food (and […]

C4P Inc. x 2018 Spring Cottage Life Show     Did you miss us at the Spring Cottage Life Show this year? No worries, I got you covered! Well.. sorta. I’ve got a nice treat for you! 360° video for your viewing pleasure. Granted, there’s some artifacting, I need a better 360 camera! You can […]

Beyond dangers of propane? If it were possible, we’d get rid of all the finite consumable products that are as hazardous to our health as propane is. I’m sure it will reach that point someday; I just wish we were closer to it. Technology will eventually reach a point where the different appliances and functions […]

So, we went to Japan earlier in the year!  We were on really a trade mission with Canada. There were many things for us to do there and I’m sure that there will be many more things to do in the nearby future. Japan is one of those countries that really leaves a lasting impression […]

We are at the dawn of a new horizon. The history of aviation is filled with a staggering amount of innovators and explorers. They put their mind and body to the test in order produce one of mankind’s greatest crowning achievements, flight. It has brought with us a level of global connection that shaped the […]