FOSA Mother’s Day

Did You Get Your Mother’s Day Gift Yet?


FOSA is a one of a kind Food Vacuum Storage System. It’s also the best gift this Mother’s Day ! It’s easy to use and it helps prevent food waste. That in itself is amazing! It is literally operated by a simple push of a button. You actually can’t get any easier than that.



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Veggies can last 5 times longer with the FOSA system! Salads, Guac, other fresh goodies. You can plan out your Mother’s Day meal prep beforehand! That’s pretty awesome as that’s usually the most time consuming thing with any meal. I mean, you can prep a larger quantity of food (since you know, it keeps longer) in the fridge.

That or if you’re more a meaty person, the FOSA system, can also help keep your meats fresher as it slows down the oxidization process. So yeah! you can easily have a nice backyard BBQ this Mother’s Day !

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The FOSA: Food Vacuum Storage System is a system that helps preserve food by removing the air out of the storage containers.

It helps preserve the freshness, flavour, and nutrients while preventing premature spoilage.

The FOSA food Vacuum Storage system helps keep food fresh up to 5 times longer.

With a click of a button, you’re on your way to fresher and safer food storage. With the moisture vacuumed out of the container, your foods lasts fresher, longer. The Turtle vacuum unit is small, battery operated, and can easily and happily fit into your kitchen cupboards. The containers are designed with ease of use in mind. The lid has a built in propitiatory seal design that can be activated with a simple press of a button.

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