C4P Inc. x 2018 Spring Cottage Life Show

C4P Inc. x 2018 Spring Cottage Life Show



Did you miss us at the Spring Cottage Life Show this year? No worries, I got you covered! Well.. sorta. I’ve got a nice treat for you! 360° video for your viewing pleasure. Granted, there’s some artifacting, I need a better 360 camera! You can check our booth setup, our appliances at the show and much, much more!We’re looking at attending more shows and hopefully, with more videos for those of you too far away to join us.  We care about you guys! It was a fantastic show, and we met lots of people. Pretty good chances we’ll be back for the 2019 Spring Cottage Life Show, if not earlier *cough* *cough*

What We Saw

I can safely say that there is definitely demand for solar refrigerators at the cottage. Homes for some folks too. There were people getting gouged for the delivery costs of electricity. It’s insane that people are getting dinged for not even using electricity, but rather access! It’s mind boggling that access is what’s really hurting. There were some folks paying thousands of dollars in electricity fees, despite not being there for months.

What We Heard

There were a lot of people that also didn’t know that solar was a viable alternative for off-grid living. In fact, that we were the most efficient models that available to the general public at the show. We received a lot of high praises when compared to other vendors at the show. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re building your cottage now or two years from now, they’ve put our Voltray Solar DC Appliance on their roadmap.

What We Did

So… we were pretty impressive if I had to say to myself.  Not to tout my own horn, but we were the only folks at the show with Solar DC Refrigerators running on a 12V. In fact we had them running during the entire length of the show for all 4 days. Why? We wanted to demonstrate to the fine folks at the Cottage Life Show that our appliances are the most efficient and viable DC choice in market.For More Information Visit our Main Page Here or our shop Here

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