We are at the dawn of a new horizon. The history of aviation is filled with a staggering amount of innovators and explorers. They put their mind and body to the test in order produce one of mankind’s greatest crowning achievements, flight. It has brought with us a level of global connection that shaped the […]

I try to stay away from things that are too political, because no one really wins from a political debate. Though since we’re on the topic of anti-dumping solar panels, and it pertains quite a bit to the solar community, I think there is a merit in its discussion. So, let’s discuss. Let’s look at […]

In our previous episode, we were talking about the ludicrous price it costs to drag a power line to your cottages up north (we’re in Canada, so you’ll have to bear with our mannerisms). Before we go further into the whole business of counting the dollar signs, let us talk about the costs of installing […]

Sustainability, It’s something we should have in mind. I’m not one to push the idea down your throat, but hear me out for a bit. Traditionally, the media will either vilify or champion the idea of sustainability. Ratings sell. Let’s have a meaningful discussion instead. Okay! The let’s talk about the kids. Wait! Don’t stop […]

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