5 Great Locations For a Solar Freezer

Solar Freezer on a Beach


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had fistfuls of ice cream? During a hot summer day, on a beach, in the middle of a blackout, while fighting off ants? No? Neither have I, and that’s not the direction that I was taking this post! Well, sort of. I’m here to talk about solar freezers and their various applications!

In short, it is possible to setup a solar freezer anywhere the sun shines. They are powered and operate independently from grid-based electricity and, because of that, are incredibly flexible in terms of both placement and mobility. A solar freezer, along with other DC appliances, can be installed in the middle of the wilderness, a vast open stretch of desert, or remote and hidden locations. People will always need access to food no matter where they live, be it temporary or permanent. Storing and preserving foods has always been a top priority for humans. Now, with the advent of solar appliances, food can be stored just about anywhere the sun touches.



1. Your Home


So, why? Why would you spend money on a solar freezer? The answer is simple, you need to eat and food needs to stay cold. More to that point, it saves you money. The obvious justification is that it wouldn’t sap away at your ever increasing utility bills. The less obvious answer is because of our increasing cost of living. The cost of goods and produce seem to rise at a rate that’s becoming more disproportionate to the increase in our wages. When there’s a sale on produce and goods, buy it and freeze it! You’d have the capacity and means to do so. It wouldn’t cost you extra to after your initial investments. You can cycle through foods and perishables in an economically sound fashion. The solar freezer helps you save through the independence from utility and gives you as a consumer more buying power. If you’re living off-grid, you wouldn’t need to invert your power to AC in order to run your solar freezer – they operate on DC power! They also will consume significantly less power than their AC equivalents, drastically lowering the number of solar panels you will need to run a freezer. As an added bonus, if you end up liking your solar freezer, it’s a nice expandable entrance to the solar market.



2. A Hunting Camp

Hunting and Fishing


If you’re out in the bush on a hunting or fishing trip, keeping your game fresh may be hard and sometimes results in having a lot of waste. Having a solar freezer helps mitigate that stress and worry about moving your game immediately. It’ll even help extend your hunt. The solar freezer uses a completely off-grid system that allows the user to install this anywhere there is sunlight. One 250 watt solar panel and two deep-cycle batteries will run your freezer year round, even if you’re not there. No need to worry about turning things on or off when you leave. Whether it’s a buck or the catch of a lifetime, you can store and freeze your game in your hunting camp and go back out for more. After your game freezes over, it’ll be easier to store and transport as well!



3. Your Cottage


Ice cream at the cottage! Okay, if that wasn’t enough of a selling point, then how about the fact that you can store food for extended periods of time when you’re there. The solar freezer operates all year round. It doesn’t matter if you’re there or not. There are no risks involved in leaving them alone or operating them, unlike some of their alternatives; a 12 volt freezer is very safe. It also won’t cost you an arm or a leg in operational costs, a solar freezer is significantly less power hungry than its AC variant. For a detailed energy consumption guide over 24h, check out the specifications at the bottom of this solar freezer page. Best of all, you don’t have to haul food up to the cottage every time you go and then have to worry about eating everything. You can buy, store, and eat at your own convenience. It really gives you ownership of your cottage life.



4. A Medical Facility

Solar Clinic


Solar freezers have been a crucial aspect in transporting much needed medicines and cures to remote regions that lack either the power or infrastructure to keep these medicines and cures potent. Solar freezers have saved countless lives due to their versatility and reliability in that capacity. A solar panel and a few batteries, and suddenly you can create refrigeration and freezing capabilities in a region that otherwise would not have had them. They are commonly deployed in remote medical camps and give medical practitioners the necessary tools to save lives in the field.



5. Farms

Solar on a Farm


With a solar freezer, livestock feeds and other perishable farming materials can be kept remotely away from the house. There’s no need to pay the utility companies to install more lines into your barn. A single 250 watt panel and you have a working chest freezer closer to where you need it most. Work on a farm is hard. No reason to make it harder, or more expensive. It’s an expandable system, so you can easily run basic lighting or other power-requiring activities from it by adding more solar panels. The math makes sense. Start putting money back into your own pockets and take ownership of your power, instead of lining the pockets of utility companies.






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