12 Volt Refrigerator (Kitchen Size)

Solar Fridge

7.4 cu. ft. Solar Refrigerator – 3/4 view


When people look for a 12 volt refrigerator they end up finding portable units or cooler units. They are excellent for what they’re meant to do, which is to act as a portable and mobile vehicle for cold food storage. Why? When we work with mobile or portable power sources, we tend to like the voltages that won’t kill us. AC, which is alternating current, runs at 110v as the North American standard, and 220v for the European standard. Both of those voltages are enough to kill us on contact. DC, however, uses primarily 12v/24v, and is an entirely different story. Our skin has a natural resistance to lower voltages. We might feel a little tingly, but that built in resistance keeps our hearts beating. So that’s why we have safer voltages to travel with. Makes sense right?

However, most manufacturers are still spoiled with higher voltage operations, so there was never really a need to work on efficiency. Due to this lax attitude, most DC appliances are smaller in size and operation. It gets a little more complicated when scaling up to a larger 12 volt refrigerator. RV’s will most likely run a 12 volt refrigerator as it is easier and more efficient for a mobile vehicle to operate. In a household, a 12 volt refrigerator will have to withstand the wear and tear of daily operations and use. It has to function as any regular household unit. So, a 12 volt refrigerator has to then be a functional appliance, efficient, and operable in nearly any situation.

This is where we come in. Here at C4P Inc., we pride ourselves in our technical know-how. We put in the hours, creative mindset, and ingenuity to create our Voltray line of DC solar refrigerators and SunStar DC solar freezers. They are outfitted with our specially designed in-house compressors that have blown away the competition. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your 12 volt or solar needs!




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