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With the Netherlands unveiling a stretch of solar road this past month, it gives us a glimpse of how far we have progressed towards paving our world with silicon; but why are we paving the floor with solar panels? This road is much more inefficient than its rooftop counterpart and that isn’t even accounting for […]

In our previous episode, we were talking about the ludicrous price it costs to drag a power line to your cottages up north (we’re in Canada, so you’ll have to bear with our mannerisms). Before we go further into the whole business of counting the dollar signs, let us talk about the costs of installing […]

With the grand re-opening of our blog behind us, I do believe introductions are in order. You may have already had the privilege of meeting our resident pun-generator, Ken, so all that is left is to introduce yours truly. My name is Chris and I am the second half of the magnificent duo and together […]

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