Dangers of Propane Appliances

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Beyond dangers of propane?

If it were possible, we’d get rid of all the finite consumable products that are as hazardous to our health as propane is. I’m sure it will reach that point someday; I just wish we were closer to it. Technology will eventually reach a point where the different appliances and functions of our lives will be efficient enough for us to live without necessarily taking away from the earth.

How is it dangerous can it be?

Propane is a gas that’s heavier than oxygen, which makes it an asphyxiant gas. This means that the density of propane will actually displace oxygen in a room or… well your lungs. You can imagine how that could pose a problem for the normal breathing bits.

The other scary part about this substance is how heavy the gas actually is. Consequently, it hugs the ground and sits there, slowly filling up. If you could imagine it’s like water filling up from the ground up. Except the difference is that you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, and if you’re sleeping… you won’t even smell it.

It’s a normally a stable gas, however, it’s extremely flammable and under ideal conditions, extremely deadly. There are so many tragic stories about propane explosions or fires.  Homes destroyed and families torn apart from some of these traumatic events.


If you’re using propane, then please make sure you’re checking and evaluating the inspection of your propane appliances regularly. Propane is heavily scented with a strong odor, if something smells off be cautious. If possible, shut off your fuel cylinders. Evacuate the premises immediately and contact for help from your licensed professionals. Do no attempt to go inside to retrieve your goods, stay away from the premises until it’s clear that you are safe to return.

What can I do?

Furthermore, if you can lower your demand on propane, you’ll not only be doing this for the environment, but you’ll also be doing this, potentially, for your own health. I can’t imagine a lot of Solar Power related explosions… ever. That or even suffocation from solar, but if someone wants to prove me wrong?

Stay tuned for more information in regards to this topic and what your alternative choices are… *cough* it might be solar


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