Solar Refrigerator

Our solar refrigerator models are designed to be kitchen staples. These solar fridges run on DC power, and are perfect for use in homes, cabins, RVs, and just about any off-grid situation you can think of.

Solar Freezer

C4P’s solar freezer models are all powered by our patented compressor technology, which powers many appliances worldwide. This enables us to manufacture larger solar freezer models such as our 21 cubic foot, while still retaining the energy efficiency of DC. There are lots of great locations for a solar freezer, and ours operate flawlessly with an automatic 12/24 volt detector built-in.

Suntye Solar Panels

Our Suntye solar panels range from 10 to 200 watts, and are manufactured from Japanese and South Korean polycrystalline solar cells. We also provide custom made panels; contact us for more information.

Solar Accessories

C4P Inc. designs and develops products which use or benefit from solar energy. Our in-house development team handles every stage of design, and our factories produce a variety of products, including C4P’s patented 12 volt compressor, which powers many appliance brands worldwide. Our compressor is one of our many products that are developed and sold as OEM for global companies.

For a list of solar accessories that we carry such as batteries, charge controllers, etc., see our shop.


Solar Store


Our store features products from Samlex America, Magnum Energy, Midnite Soar, Morningstar, Outback Power, and more. We also carry our own brand of Suntye solar panels, along with our Voltray and SunStar brands of solar refrigerator and solar freezer products.