Solar Accessories

Solar power is the longest lasting and most renewable form of energy we can harness. At C4P Inc., we are devoted to increasing the efficiency of every day products through utilizing the power of the sun. Not only does C4P Inc. work with our partners to manufacture solar panels, we also look at new ways to apply them in our everyday lives. Our flagship solar appliances are an example of our commitment to efficiency. All of our solar refrigerator and solar freezer models can be operated with a single 220w panel, and they all run on 12 or 24 volt DC power.

At C4P Inc., we work with our partners to do a substantial amount of OEM manufacturing for major global retailers. Whether for solar-based products or otherwise, we handle every stage from sketching to manufacturing. Contact us to learn more.

Below are just a few high efficiency products that C4P Inc. has created to utilizing renewable energy. To learn more about our development process and see other products we have worked on, visit our product development page.


Products In Development