Recycling Accessories

Problems with Current Recycling Methods

Home recycling is greatly beneficial for the environment but has very little immediate impact on the person who properly prepares it for collection. Like most chores around the house, it requires many different steps with varying degrees of difficulty, but they all end up achieving 4 basic tasks:

  • breaking down the product
  • storing the product for collection
  • bringing the product to the curb
  • bringing the container back home

Our Focus

To create products that can help one or more of these 4 basic tasks to make recycling less of a chore.


SMART - CYCLE Compost Bin Extension Handle


The compost bin extension handle is a one piece plastic extension handle. It is designed to eliminate the awkward problem of bending down to use the existing handle on the standard small size food waste collection bin. This handle has been specifically designed to hook onto the existing handle position and extend the point at which the person would tip and roll the bin. The purpose of this device is to help alleviate the stress involved with transporting this bin to the curb for collection.

MSRP $13.69 USD


SMART - CYCLE Wall Mount


The Smart – Cycle wall mount is designed for organizing and storing recycling and garbage containers. Its specially designed lower hook can accommodate a wide range of recycling bins as well as recycling and garbage bags. The upper hook is designed to hold other Smart – Cycle accessories such as the compost bin extension handle. This way all of your accessories and receptacles can be organized into one dedicated spot.

MSRP $13.69 USD


SMART - CYCLE Box cutter


The Smart – Cycle tape cutter is a safe and effective way to break down boxes for recycling. Unlike conventional utility knives the Smart-Cycle box cutter is 100% plastic making it a safe alternative for breaking down boxes. Its unique shape is designed to fit and store on the lip of recycling bins and provide a wide variety of poking and cutting through taped surfaces.

MSRP $2.79 USD