Product Development

C4P Inc. is your one stop shop for bringing your idea from sketch to production. Other than convenience, there are many benefits of having an internal design department in a production company.

Efficient Communication between Engineering and Design

Engineering and design are two very different aspects of production. Ensuring fast and effective communication between these two departments means that both departments are on the same page when the product hits production. The result of this is that the product turns out just as you specified without any surprising modifications.

Designs that have Practicality in Mind from the Initial Concept

All concepts or solutions are run through the engineering department before they can be presented as a viable option, ensuring that all presented ideas can be produced with as little modification to the initial design as possible.

Early Problem Identification

If there is a problem with an initial design or maybe your needs change for some unforeseen reason, our internal design department can quickly identify and address any design flaws to ensure the concept gets on the right track as quickly as possible.


Our Process


1. Initial Concept Design

All ideas start on paper, even our process. In the initial concept phase you’ll get a look at hand drawn sketches by our industrial designers to communicate the initial concept.

2. CAD Design

Once the initial concepts are decided upon, our design team will take the idea from sketch to 3D digital model using computer aided design software.

3. Prototyping

Whether it’s 3D printing or an actual physical mock up, a physical prototype allows you and our team to get a first look at how the product is actually going to turn out, and to make sure that all problems with the design are resolved at this point.

4. Materials

With help from our engineering department, we can give viable options on what would be the right material for your specific product.

5. Tooling

After all aspects of product development are done and completely decided upon, C4P Inc. will work with our partners in manufacturing the actual tooling required to produce the product and will provide quotes on the cost and specific mechanisms required to produce a reliable product.