AG Plus Silver Ion Plasma Air Purifier

Nano-silver plasma antimicrobial and antiviral triple action air purifier

New multi-purification design, small size, large flowrate, faster and cleaner, rapid disinfection and sterilization, air purification. High sterilization and inactivation rate. Inactivate >99.9% of human coronavirus, e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans.

The LED display reports the air quality index, air flowrate, and timer setting in a smart and convenient way.

Even in sleep mode, nano-silver and plasma sterilization will continue to operate, keeping your indoor air clean and safe.

Integration of 5 sterilization and purification technologies

Primary filter: Blocking hair, fiber hair, large particles, skin, etc., it can be repeatedly washed for reuse

High efficiency nano-silver antimicrobial antiviral layer: effectively inactivate human coronavirus, bacteria. Effectively filter particles as small as 0.01 micron, Such as ultrafine particles, PM particles, bacteria and other pollutants.

Nanocrystal layer: Using natural materials such as Sepiolite and Diatomite to form nano-adsorption material and proprietary technology to purify harmful gas, formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other odor pollutants.

UV sterilization layer: High efficiency and low power consumption UV lamp, with sterilization effect.

Plasma disinfection and purification: Efficiently inactivate microorganisms (bacteria, mold and virus) and decompose toxic and carcinogenic gases (formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds)

Key symbol and meaning

Power on/off, UV sterilization on/off, child safety lock, plasma sterilization on/off, sleep mode, timer setting, wind speed adjustment

Specification standard for Nano-silver plasma antimicrobial and antiviral triple action air purifier

TypeNano-silver plasma antimicrobial and antiviral triple action air purifier
MaterialPlastic (ABS)
Rated voltage 220 VAC / 50 Hz
Rated power100 W
Product size390*211*628mm
Operating maximum noise≤63 dB(A)
The particle CADR value 420 m^3/h
Cumulative particulate matter purification volume CCM P4
Applicable area 40 – 50 m^2
Coronavirus removal rate >99.5%
The removal rate of e. coli 99.7%
The removal rate of staphylococcus aureus99.6%
The removal rate of candida albicans 99.8%
Certificates of Safety Compliance
Plasma sterilization Yes
UV sterilization purification Yes
PM2.5 particle purification Yes
Formaldehyde purification Yes
Toluene purified Yes
TVOC purification Yes
Early effective mesh Yes
Nano-silver antibacterial antiviral filter Yes
Nano-crystalline filter Yes
UV germicidal lamp Yes
Plasma purification module Yes
Filter change reminderYes
Filter life 6-8 months (depending on the environment)
Wind Speed3
Intelligent models Yes
Display mode LED touch screen display
Real-time monitoring of PM2.5 Yes
Timing modes Yes
Sleep patterns Yes
Mute modes Yes
Child lock function Yes

No air purifier is capable of protecting you 100% against any other dangerous substance or virus. In particular, the COVID-19 is a new virus that is not yet fully understood. We cannot and we expressly do not guarantee that our air purifiers will protect you against the COVID-19.

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