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21 cubic foot freezer
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Reliable - Innovative - Eco Friendly
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C4Pinc produces some of the largest solar freezers available on the market.

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Product Development

C4P Inc. offers a wide range of product design and development services.





C4P’s Solar division provides the most efficient, eco-friendly and energy saving product line throughout residential and commercial use. Our solar products range from solar panels, inverters, controllers, and solar vents to solar appliances and air conditioners. Supported by C4P’s core foundation in plastic, tooling & die casting, engineering and product development, C4P’s solar division excels at manufacturing and producing innovative products.


Have an idea but need some help bringing it to production? C4P Inc. will help you develop your idea so you can get the it out in the market. Whether it’s a new concept or an update for an existing product, our team can provide you with practical solutions for your specific product. With our internal tool and die department, C4P Inc. can be your one stop shop to take your idea from a sketch to reality.


At C4P Inc., our capabilities extend beyond just solar technology and products, we also have extensive experience in project management. Not only do we develop renewable energy products, but we also manage projects implementing renewable energy systems in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Our team believes in delivering the highest standards for managing your projects with maximum efficiency and transparency. Contact us to see how we can help your project!